We are a very dynamic and versatile team, who share one common goal: to change the World through our innovative technologies. If you would like to know more about opportunities to join our team, please send your CV and a Cover Letter to You will certainly hear from us.

We currently have the following positions open to apply:

  • To apply, please send an email to with your CV, a Cover Letter and the Subject “R&D Position” (see further information below).

Head of R&D (Guildford / London, UK)

We are looking for an experienced technical scientist with a passion for problem solving and who is excited about joining a fast-growing well-funded startup with a lot of potential. This role will offer a lot of personal growth opportunities both with your technical skills and management responsibilities.

  • Accountable to: Chief Executive Officer
  • Responsible for: Research and Development
  • Terms: 24 months contract, extendable (6 months trial), 35h per week, 22 days annual leave
  • Annual Salary: £35,000 – £48,000 negotiable (share options available)
  • Starting Period: July 2017 to August 2017
  • Job Purpose: To lead the Research and Development Program of Smart Separations Ltd
  • How To Apply: Please send your CV, a Cover Letter detailing why you are the ideal condidate for this position, and email subject “R&D Position” to

About Smart Separations

We are an early-stage startup with a patented microfiltration technology.  There are many potential applications for our technology such as air filtration, water filtration, wine filtration, juice filtration, chemical filtration, blood filtration, and many more.  Effectively we invented a platform technology which can be sold into many different markets for many different applications.  We do not have a commercial product yet, but anticipate to start generating our first sales before the end of 2017.  We have already won several awards (, won several government grants, and have attracted investors. Through the grants and our investors we have raised close to £2m to date.

Our ambition is to be the world’s leader in microfiltration and particle separations technology – filling the void gap that exists in the market nowadays. Our mission is to “improve quality of life through innovation” in the areas of health, the environment and human causes. Our work can make a truly global impact and this role is key to making this possible.

About the role

The Head of R&D will be responsible for all R&D projects. As such, you will be responsible for the optimization of membranes for specific applications (e.g. by varying the manufacturing process to change the thickness of the membrane and/or the pore sizes).  Beyond the technical side of the role, you will also manage a brilliant team of graduate Engineers/Chemists who are working with us as part of their degree. At the beginning, your team will consist of 3 people, with the potential to grow quickly as our company grows. Working closely with the team, you will also be involved with making business decisions and identifying areas of new product development. You will report directly to the CEO. Based on performance, this position will also lead to Chief Technical Officer.

Key responsibilities

  • Lead R&D efforts for our technology
  • Lead R&D efforts for our manufacturing process
  • Manage and motivate a small team of Master and PhD students working with us
  • Coordinate with our Product Designers
  • Create and continually iterate on a product roadmap with the management team
  • Present progress on a regular basis to the management team
  • Assist with grant funding, including co-writing applications
  • Identifying gaps in the R&D team and help hire the right people
  • Develop a risk management plan
  • Manage the procurement of all materials required for R&D

About you

  • Friendly, helpful, ambitious
  • Passion for being part of this journey
  • Ability to work in an environment without clear processes, and create the rules as we go
  • PhD or experience in Chemistry, Process, Manufacturing and/or Ceramics Engineer
  • Experience in product development with Ceramics and/or Manufacturing role
  • Experience in managing small teams working on complex projects
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Any experience in filtration is a plus

Person Specification

  • [Mandatory] Graduate engineer or scientist in appropriate discipline (Chemistry, Process, Manufacturing and/or Ceramics Engineer). Minimum qualification required: PhD level, or relevant experience in the area.
  • [Mandatory] 2-5 years of experience in product development, preferably in Ceramics and/or a Manufacturing role.
  • [Mandatory] Experience in managing teams working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • [Mandatory] Excellent communication skills (written, verbal, formal presentation) at all levels of the organisation.
  • [Preferable] Experience in development of complex products as team member or Project Manager, preferably in Process Engineering.
  • [Preferable] Experience with SolidWorks and/or other 3D software is a plus.


  • [CLOSED] Fully funded PhD position, in collaboration with Lancaster University. To apply and find out more, please follow this link
    • This PhD project will investigate electrochemical generation of gaseous cleaning/oxidising agents, and aims to develop an electrochemical cell that can be integrated in an air-purification unit. One of the main areas of the project will be the electrochemical production of gases, with research focussing on optimising the design of the cell, by looking at different electrolytes, electrode materials, reaction mechanisms, and investigating the capture and degradation of the gases. The highly efficient gas generation cell is the basis of the chamber that will be incorporated in an air purifying unit developed by the industrial partner. This project would be suited for a Chemical Engineering, Materials Science or Chemistry graduate with laboratory experience and ideally some background on electrochemical science and engineering.

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