Joana Azevedo, PhD Student

|| Smart Product PhD Researcher

Joana was born in Lisbon, Portugal, where she has also completed her Masters in Engineering degree at the New University of Lisbon in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. Having previously worked for a pharmaceutical company, Joana has felt her place would be working for a company with high growth potential. She has moved to Guildford, UK, in September 2015 for her ERASMUSe+ placement at SSL and the University of Surrey, and is now doing her PhD at Smart Separations. Joana’s core tasks are to bring the company’s product development to the next level by researching new approaches and analytical tools that will facilitate product development and, ultimately, product manufacturing. Outside the workplace, she used to collaborate with a non-profit association dedicated to sheltering of abandoned dogs, providing her affection and care. While helping to improve people’s quality of life through SSL’s technology, she finds time to dedicate to her favourite hobbies, exploring nature, new places and meeting people.