7 essential tips on getting prepared for this second wave of Covid

In a recent study published by the medical journal The Lancet, a group of researchers point out that “as of November 4th, the UK had 25,177 confirmed daily cases”. The paper also indicates that “daily deaths have doubled every fortnight since early September, 2020, with 2,067 deaths from COVID-19 in the past week.”

As a preventive measure, the UK’s government has enforced a 4-week national lockdown. The scientists note that they “are last resort measures that reflect a failure of the pandemic control strategy.” It’s been an eight month run so far and it’s been complicated, to say the least. Not only mental issues have arisen during our quarantine, but we’ve suffered serious economic downfalls in the process. We have to take what we’ve learned thus far and make our part to stay vigilant and COVID-free as much as we can. Here are a few reminders from coronavirus veterans such as yourself: 

  1. Wear a Mask – Silk may be a better option than cotton for home-made masks, scientists conclude. Its hydrophobic and antiviral nature makes it an excellent fabric to repel water droplets propelled when we speak, thus protecting each other from transmitting and contracting the airborne SARS-CoV2 virus, while still being breathable and comfortable to wear. It has also been proven to reduce acne as a result from trapped humidity, a favourable atmosphere for bacteria reproduction. Of course a ViraTeq mask will be the best antiviral mask, so watch this space.
  1. Better ventilation –  As The New York Times adequately stated in a july article : “Pandemic life is safer outdoors, in part, because even a light wind will quickly dilute the virus.” With temperature drastically dropping during this time of year, making it impossible for us to thrive outside, we need to find ways to keep our air fresh and sanitized indoors. Our dear Gino may be the perfect solution as it’s designed to destroy airborne COVID-19 particles with a 99.99% success rate. Order yours today! 
  1. Basic hygiene standards – As we’ve covered before, there are some COVID-related basic rules we should never forget. Washing your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching your face, in particular your eyes, nose and mouth, as much as possible, and follow proper sneezing protocol, using a tissue or into your elbow.
  2. Avoid crowded spaces While it’s imperative for us to leave the house to run a few errands, like the supermarket, you may want to take advantage of their delivery options or plan to leave the house early to avoid a big conglomeration—specially if you’re a senior citizen. Check what times are reserved for your age group. 
  1. The art of innovation We’re truly saddened by the amount of businesses that have closed during the pandemic. Which is why we encourage you to find creative ways to do your business. We recommend online learning and zoom seminars where you can stay connected: Eventbrite, Masterclass and Future Learn, from King’s College London are great to look at.
  1. Stay active and optimistic While anxiety and depression cases have gone up during the last period of time, it’s important to cultivate your mind as well. Practicing gratitude and mindfulness and maintaining a regular physical regime can be powerful tools to boost your immune system during this time.
  1. Keep your healthy habits  By now your New Year resolutions may be long forgotten, but it’s a good opportunity to resume them. Keeping your immune system strong is imperative, especially amidst a deadly virus, not only to prevent, but if you contract it, it may make a more resilient body. Avoid alcoholic beverages and drug usage during this time. 

We don’t know how hard the second COVID wave will affect us, but instead of waiting for technology, the roll out of the vaccine and a series of lockdowns to solve this crisis, we can actively take a part in protecting ourselves and our economy by taking preventive measures that will ultimately provide us a with a sense of normalcy. Keep Safe, Keep Healthy.

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