Adam Land

|| Product Development Manager, JemTech UK

Starting his career in 1998 as an Apprentice at Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick, Adam Land has gathered over 19 years of experience in the field of Manufacturing Research and Development industry, including 5 years with the Manufacturing Technology Centre as Workshop Technology Manager. Working in such institutes gave him a broad knowledge of advanced manufacturing techniques from the application of Lasers and Additive Manufacturing to Automation and Metrology. However, the main focus of his research and skills has been based on Advanced Machining Technologies. Adam gained and applied experience in leading research and development projects which supported a variety of businesses, from large OEM’s to local SME’s, developing new techniques or applying emerging technologies. Most recently he has taken up the role of Product Development Manager, with Jemtech UK, leading the introduction of technologies for automated management of metalworking fluids to the industry. This has enabled him to apply his broader knowledge of process control and automation whilst still remaining involved in the industry sector which has defined his career.