Business Development

December 19th 2017 12:02 am | Posted in Newsroom

We have been focused on improving our contacts in the different industries where our technology can play a key role. We have attended a series of workshops and events throughout the year, and have expanded our network to bring on board new experts and mentors that are advising the different areas of the business. A […]


December 19th 2017 12:01 am | Posted in Newsroom

Our current main focus is to look into our manufacturing plan, towards the development of a process that can replicate our lab-based research. A number of potential leads in different markets, including potential relationships in areas as diverse as wastewater treatment, cell separations, oil & gas industry, etc (on top of our main priority, the Indoor […]

Technology Development

December 18th 2017 11:59 pm | Posted in Newsroom

Over the past 12 months we have changed our membranes from weak and thin wafers to much stronger membranes. This was a big stepping stone, but it also required going back to the scratch board in terms of development. We have had a PhD student and two ERASMUS+ students working on this, with really good results. […]

HR Perks

December 18th 2017 11:58 pm | Posted in Newsroom

All staff at SSL has unique access to the following: A new pension scheme, managed by NEST, coming into effect from January 2018 onwards; A childcare voucher scheme, through which you can use a salary sacrifice to pay for childcare. Please see our Staff Handbook, which has been made available to you when you started […]