About Us

The company was founded in July 2013 by Dr Hugo Macedo as a result of his previous experience in stem cell research, during his PhD at Imperial College London. Hugo identified a gap in this field, where the lack of an efficient, simple and yet cost-effective microfiltration device to separate stem cells from the cells they derive into is a common problem among researchers. From there on, SSL has developed and filed a patent on a novel method to manufacture a ceramic-based microsieve: a proprietary filter that can be tailored to suit many different applications in the underdeveloped, yet global microfiltration (MF) industry. This filter will provide a more controlled, versatile, and low-cost solution for several industries including stem cell & blood research, air filtration, industrial emissions lowering and even food & drink processing.

Smart Separations is currently incubated at the University of Surrey’s research laboratories. Since our founding, we have received backing from the UK Government (through Innovate UK), the EU Commission research grants and private investors, won several European prizes and awards (including the Rushlight Clean Environment Award 2016/17), and have filed 4 patent families (2 granted) to protect our core technology.

Our ambition is to become the world’s leader in MF and particle separation technology – filling the void gap that exists in the market nowadays.