Cleaner air for Portugal Public Transport Users

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Did you see Gino™ next to the Driver?

You’ve probably noticed something new travelling on the bus today. It’s called Gino™, our smart air sanitiser on your way to work today!

Together with STCP we are looking at ways to improve your journey wherever it may be – making it safer and cleaner for you and your loved ones, especially during these difficult times.

Working together for Safer Travel


We have installed a Gino™ on the STCP buses that travel through our beautiful city of Porto, one next to the driver in the front and another in the middle of the bus. Giving us a chance to test Gino™ in action!

But, What is Gino™?

Gino™ is a smart air sanitiser, designed to destroy viruses, such as the human coronavirus and SARS-CoV-2 by using our ViraTeq™ revolutionary lightless filter technology. If you noticed, it is a portable, and good looking device that doesn’t get in the way of anyone, but the virus!

What does Gino™ do?

Gino is designed to do one thing really well, to destroy microbes in the air using our patented lightless Virateq™ coated filter which is proven to destroy 99.999% of microbes in one single air pass.
Unlike most air purifiers in the market, GINO’s lightless filter doesn’t need replacement, the washable filter will last up to 5 years.

Win your very own Gino™

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