Destroy Microbes With Your Personal Air Sanitiser

Our ViraTeq™ revolutionary lightless filter technology is designed to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi from the air around you.

The Power Of Sanitised Air With A Touch Of A Button

The most efficient air sanitiser that eliminates more than 99.9999% of microbes in a single air pass and at the lowest running cost. Powered by ViraTeq  which was proven to destroy Coronavirus.

The Challenge

> 0 m

Microorganisms on average breathed-in every day

> 0 m

Airborne fungi and bacteria per cubic meter in public indoor environments

Up to 0

Days microbes survive on HEPA filters even when air is blown through at a constant rate

Test Results From Independent Laboratories

Sanitisation in a single air pass.
Lab tested by Biocant Research Park.

Coronavirus reduction on ViraTeq-treated surfaces.
Lab tested by Perfectus Biomed.

More Than

0 %


H1N1 (Influenza) reduction  on ViraTeq-treated surfaces.
Lab tested by Biocant Research Park.

S.aureus & E.coli reduction on ViraTeq-treated surfaces.
Lab tested by Biocant Research Park.

Gino is Different and Unique

Gino is designed to do one thing really well, to destroy microbes in the air. It uses our ViraTeq revolutionary lightless filter coating which is proven against Coronavirus and other viruses, bacteria and fungi. Gino has an elegant, unobtrusive and economical design and has a very low running cost.

Gino Doesn't Just Catch Microbes, it Destroys Them

Gino’s ViraTeq coating incorporates an active antimicrobial substance that belongs to a family of biocides.


Most air purifiers physically block pollutants and some microbes by collecting them on the filter. The result will be an increasingly saturated filter that stimulates the growth of mould and is a source of bacteria.


HEPA-type filters diminish in time and it is likely that those pollutants and microbes are released to the environment.

Gino is Long Lasting

No filter replacement is required for more than 5 years and no disposable filters are going to the landfill.


Filter replacement is extremely important in other technologies as they can be a source of microbes and after some time they get clogged up, leading to increase in pressure drop, noise and energy consumption. Therefore, in the long run, fibre filtration is often a non-economical solution.


No LED replacement is required that could degrade and dim over time. This means that Gino will have the same performance after a long use. A few times a year, simply rinse off the dust and the filter is as good as new.

Gino is Easy to Live With

Gino has an elegant, unobtrusive and economical design with a very low running cost. It is a table top design and can be placed near where people are interacting rather than pushed out into a corner of the room. Gino’s filter does not get clogged up easily, making it very quiet and with a low power consumption.

The Benefits Of Our Air Sanitiser

ViraTeq™ coating Destroys Coronavirus

Lab testing technology that kills more than 99.99% of viruses. Proven against human Coronavirus and SARS-CoV-2.

Long Lasting

No LEDs to wear out. No filter replacement required for more than 5 years.

Destroys Bacteria

Lab testing technology that kills bacteria with 99.9999% kill rate in a single air pass.


Simple design that has few parts to simplify maintenance. No disposable filters going to landfill. Save money and resources on replacements.

Revolutionary Filter

Naturally antimicrobial surface that does not require light. Washable and dishwasher safe. No mould growth.

Easy to Live With

Low maintenance. Quiet. Low power consumption. USB powered. 

Gino Clean Zone

Living Room

Conference Table


Reception Desk

 Clean zone after 1 second
 Clean zone after 1 minute
 Clean zone after 3 minutes

Clean zone after 15 minutes

“We’ve been working around the clock to complete our product that can destroy harmful microbes in the air. Thank you for supporting us on Kickstarter.”

Sotiria Tsochataridou, PhD

Gino Product Manager

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A Final Comment

Gino does not tackle the underlying problems that may cause the growth of mould in your home. To ensure that your home remains mould-free, monitor and manage the humidity levels in your home. Mould loves humidity and thrives in areas that are damp and dark. Gino can be used to remove airborne particles that you could potentially breathe in.

Gino does not replace the need for appropriate hygiene and PPE.

Filter is estimated to last for 5 years, if used according to manufacturers instructions.