Iliana Fauzi, PhD

Research Scientist

Dr Iliana (Lia) Fauzi is a Research Scientist, who is involved in Cell Separations in collaboration with University of Surrey, UK. Lia is a biologist with a PhD in Stem Cells Bioprocessing from Imperial College London, UK and has worked with porous scaffold and hydrogel for blood and vascular stem cells production.

She was awarded a UK-ASEAN Knowledge Partnership Mobility Scheme under British High Commission Singapore during her postdoctoral study at Imperial College London, UK. She was selected among Imperial researchers to work with NovaLung Gmbh and Fraunhofer Biomedical Institute, Germany to create a wearable bioartificial lung (AmbuLung) device for long-term application in an outpatient setting.

She continued her postdoctoral work at Queen Mary University of London, UK on vascular stem cells development under British Heart Foundation. Her research interests include cell harvesting, novel microfiltration strategy, co-culture and membrane technology.

Get to know Illiana

Name a favourite scientist, inventor or researcher and tell us why you like them?

Professor Sir Alec John Jeffreys, a winner of world’s oldest science prize - the Copley medal. He invented DNA fingerprinting, a technique that simultaneously detects lots of minisatellites in the genome to produce a pattern unique to an individual. This helps to convict criminals, clear the wrongly accused, and identify victims of crime, disasters and war.

What do you think is the most interesting area of research for the future? (Yes, it’s broad).

Cell and gene therapy.

Tell us one of your favourite quotes?

“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself” - Rumi

What gadget or piece of technology are you most excited by?

Smart phone.

If you could put SSL’s filter in anything, where would you put it?

Coffee machine.

Which book have you given away the most. Why?

Sapiens: A brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. It’s an interesting and infuriating speculation of humankind. Every sentence provokes you to think of our past, present and future.

I love being encouraged to try new things out and the space to be innovative. I’m supported to learn lessons, dust myself off and keep trying.

Iliana Fauzi, PhD

Fun Filtration Facts

Juice with or without pulp/bits? (i.e. filtered or unfiltered)

With pulp/bits.

Do you filter your coffee? If so how do you take it? (moka pot, espresso machine, french press etc.)

Moka pot.

Where/what was the best water you ever tasted? (i.e. tap water in Lisbon or Volvic water etc.)

Hometown filtered water in Malaysia.

What’s the freshest air you’ve ever experienced? (i.e. on a mountain in the Pyrenees).

At Santubong National Park, near Mount Santubong, Malaysia.

If you could put SSL’s filter in anything, where would you put itIf you had to get rid of one tiny particle, which would it be? (i.e. cat hair, pollen)


If your air purifier had to emit an odour instead of absorbing them, which smell would you choose?

Smell of cigarette smoke.