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Key Properties Of Our Membranes

High mechanical resistance

Ceramic filter can be washed and reused indefinitely.

High pore density

High density of conical parallel porosity

Anti-clogging pores

Ceramic material unaffected by water which causes paper filters to go soggy.

Antibacterial activity

Intrinsic antimicrobial and anti-odour capacity.

Cleanable and reusable

Reduces landfill, improves efficiency and uses less energy to help you go green.

High temperature and Chemical resistance

Can be used at high temperatures and in the harshest environments.

Quality Standards

SSL manufactures its porous ceramic membranes to a high-quality level:

Each membrane has its unique serial number. With this number we are able to track exactly the conditions that the membrane was subjected to, who was involved in the manufacturing process, and where we purchased the material used. Every product that leaves our manufacturing facilities is characterised and once you make a purchase, you’ll receive a certificate with its specifications.