Catia Santos, MSc

Product Development

Born in Santarém, Portugal and passionate about Science and Engineering, Cátia’s background is Biological Engineering. She moved to London in February 2017 to complete her Master Thesis. This is how she joined Smart Separations and when everything started. Her project was focused on ceramic membranes for cell microfiltration towards a new research and diagnostic experimental tool. She was looking to improve her technical skills and knowledge alongside with business awareness, which she found at SSL.

She is currently a Product Development Engineer in the Manufacturing Department, working to improve people’s quality of life through innovation. In her free time, she loves a nice chat with her friends and she is also an avid fan of sports, including horse-riding, football, swimming and gymnastics. She has a very positive mind and never refuses a challenge.

Get to know Catia

Name a favourite scientist, inventor or researcher and tell us why you like them?

Alexander Fleming due to his fantastic discovery of penicillin.

What do you think is the most interesting area of research for the future? (Yes, it’s broad).

Cancer, there’s still an entire world to research on that.

Tell us one of your favourite quotes?

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

What gadget or piece of technology are you most excited by?


If you could put SSL’s filter in anything, where would you put it?

Hospitals and wellbeing centres.

Which book have you given away the most. Why?

I never give away the same book to different people. Each book is chosen based on that specific personality/person.

The awesome family environment created by our team and the way everyone is always ready to help each other. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Catia Santos, MSc

Fun Filtration Facts

Juice with or without pulp/bits? (i.e. filtered or unfiltered)

Juice without pulp or bits.

Do you filter your coffee? If so how do you take it? (moka pot, espresso machine, french press etc.)

I love my espresso coffee, at least four times per day!

Where/what was the best water you ever tasted? (i.e. tap water in Lisbon or Volvic water etc.)

The Portuguese one.

What’s the freshest air you’ve ever experienced? (i.e. on a mountain in the Pyrenees).

The air in the countryside every time I go camping. I love camping!

If you could put SSL’s filter in anything, where would you put itIf you had to get rid of one tiny particle, which would it be? (i.e. cat hair, pollen)


If your air purifier had to emit an odour instead of absorbing them, which smell would you choose?