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By using scientific innovation to make the world cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable, Smart Separations is leading the way in antiviral and microfiltration technology.

With opportunities in materials science, chemical engineering, biotechnology, product design, business development, sales, marketing and operations, we offer career development that pushes for scientific excellence while creating work that improves quality of life in homes, workplaces and the environment.

Now playing a pivotal role in addressing the challenges of Coronavirus we are looking for people who are solution focused. Enjoy our unique and fun culture, and experience a supportive team committed to challenging problems and developing innovative solutions. 

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Smart Values


We Want Significant Success.


We are proud of great work. We value competency, scientific excellence, high quality and resourcefulness. We want to generate strong profits to honour all our stakeholders and positively and sustainably impact both people and the planet.


We Listen For The Monk Moments!


Taking time to breathe and listen is essential; putting on our own oxygen masks first. The magic happens as we humble ourselves, check in and are still. An inspired monk moment can save months of auto-pilot graft and help us come out the other side stronger. 


We Embrace The Wootang!


Our days are fun, and we seek out and find many reasons to laugh and celebrate our achievements, our failures and each other. As a family, we stand together. We’re one for all and all for one. Estou Aqui!


We Love Without Fear.


Leaning in courageously, communicating openly with a generous commitment to honesty and integrity. Inside out, not outside in, we each accept the quest to live wholeheartedly. And we each respect any ideas generated by our team as if they were our own.


We Are Futureproof.


Bold ideas and bold mistakes, we think outside the box and value the scientific method to achieve innovation. We lead with collaboration, responsibility and meaningfulness. With lifelong learning, flexibility and creativity, when we’re told it can’t be done, we simply ask, Why not?!

“I’ve loved the opportunity to learn new capabilities, such as 3D printing, ASPEN and dilatometry technique.”

Andreia Anjos
Chemical and Environmental Engineer

Smart Team

Andreia Anjos, MSc

Environmental & Chemical Engineer

Catia Santos, MSc

Product Development

Jeremy Klein, PhD

Risk Manager

Roger Wise, PhD

Development & Manufacturing

Rodrigo Solorzano, MA

Product Design

Caleb Storkey

Strategic Influencer

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