Smart Stickers

A nanoparticle coating, capable of destroying 99.999% of viruses and bacteria on a single pass. Tested solution, rapidly deployable as part of Back To Work strategies.

Common Solutions

Smart Stickers

Squares or circles ~30-50mm diameter sold in rolls or A4 sheets.

Smart Sheets

See through self adhesive sheets available in different sizes for specific areas.

Smart Tape

Rolls of tape approx 60mm. Can be wrapped arond surfaces or cut to shape on smaller surfaces.

Smart Rolls

Rolls of adhesive tape in 600mm, 900mm or 1,200mm. Can be cut to shape or used on larger surfaces.

The Challenge

Our ViraTeq™ can be applied directly to materials such as metals, wood, polymers and fibres. We have developed antimicrobial Smart Stickers for rapid deployment on a wide range of heavily used surfaces from light switches, door handles to shopping trolleys. Smart Stickers work like typical adhesive stickers only they are covered with our ViraTeq™. Wherever they are placed they will destroy Coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria on contact, whether from airborne particles or the surface of your hand.

Is the time viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 can survive on stainless steel.

Of acute hospital admissions are caused by infections during healthcare.

Of people follow hand-washing advice in certain healthcare settings.

The Benefits Of Our Smart Stickers


Stickers can be applied onto a wide variation of surfaces in buildings, transportation, retail and public spaces.

Sanitizes Surfaces

Destroys coronavirus and other viruses by placing on common microbe collection points.


Maintain effectiveness by simply replacing stickers as outlined in each use case scenario.

Hard Wearing

Coating remains effective in water and temperatures up to 75C.


Low-cost additional defence in, offices, transport and home.

Destroys Viruses

Apply stickers to any hard surface to destroy Coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria on contact.

As entrepreneurs want to help your business be COVID Secure, and support you in your mission to reboot your business. Smart Stickers are easily and rapidly scalable."

Caleb Storkey

Areas We Cater For

Medical Staff

Emergency Services

Health Bodies

Delivery Drivers