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Do you need support in helping tackle the challenges of Coronavirus?

We’re in unprecedented times. Our ViraTeq™ technology provides the ability to destroy Coronavirus on surfaces. Our ceramic membranes provide a customisable, eco-friendly way to filter gases and liquids.
From Smart Filter technology in a range of ceramic materials to scientists working on bespoke solutions, we're leading the way in microfiltration and antimicrobial technology.

Smart Separations’ Products and Services


Taking our ViraTeq technology we can apply it on multiple surfaces or products. We can work with you on a bespoke product or coat your existing products.

The Original Smart Membrane

The core of our platform. Our standard ceramic microfilter membrane, provides an efficient way to filter particles between 1 and 40 microns.

The Smart Membrane +

Taking our ceramic membrane and making it completely customisable. Bespoke sizes, shapes and filtration capacity to achieve your desired flow rate.

Cutting-edge expertise in microbiology, materials science and chemical engineering, our consultancy delivers antimicrobial and microfiltration solutions that help to make the world cleaner, safer and sustainable.

Smart Separations’s Application Areas

Air Purification

Cut down air pollution and create a fresher, more hygienic environment at home, in the office, in the car or on public transport.

Water Filtration

Remove heavy metals and microplastics, prefilter water for sanitation or get rid of unwanted tastes and odours from drinking water.


Destroy coronavirus on surfaces and products, reducing the spread of the virus.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Smart Separations. I like their approach to problems and their commitment to research and development.

Dr Nuno Bimbo Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, Lancaster University

Our Smart Consultancy

Understanding Your Needs

Explore how our technology can help address your challenge.


Our researchers determine the best solution for your needs.

Discovery Call With Experts

Consult and map out the design process to get started.

Proposal and Agreement

Finalised proposal and send agreement to deliver the work needed.

Onboarding Your Account

Your account manager supports the project at each step.

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