Smart Filter Technology​

Our membranes exhibit high pore density and hierarchically and vertically aligned conical pores, ranging from 1 to 100 μm.

Our Smart Filter Technology

SSL manufactures its porous ceramic membranes to a high-quality level. Filled with conical pores that are naturally clog-resistant, our ceramic membranes are antibacterial, heat resistant, with exceptional mechanical strength. 

SSL membranes are suitable for applications in the particle filtration/clarification field, in the microfiltration field, as catalyst support, and in various specialist applications.

Ceramic Membranes - Shapes

Ceramic Membranes

Delivery Timeframe:
Available Pore Sizes:

⌀ 25 mm, 50x50mm
3 weeks
15, 20, and 25 μm.

Design Your Own Membrane

The versatility of our membranes means that they have thousands of applications across different sectors whether that’s healthcare, water treatment, air purification, R&Ds, manufacturing or oil and gas. Make it yours, customising size, shape, coatings, and more. All the benefits of Smart Separations’ microfiltration fine-tuned to your system, process, or device. 

The Benefits Of Our Membranes

No Need To Replace

Ceramic filter can be washed and reused indefinitely.

Environmentally Friendly

Reduces landfill, improves efficiency and uses less energy to help you go green.

Low Maintenance

Ceramic material unaffected by water which causes paper filters to go soggy.

Powerful Microfiltration

True microfiltration for particles between 1 and 40 microns.


Resistant to the growth of mould spores to provide a hygiene boost.

Easy Disposal

Can be used at high temperatures and in the harshest environments.

“Our ceramic membranes are revolutionary and groundbreaking.”

Gonçalo Queirós
Product Manager

Sectors We Cater For


Optimising separations in the lab and reducing waste in cell cultures.


Creating a more efficient way to filter blood and stem cells.

Air Purification

Sanitizing the air in our homes, workplaces and environment.


Making manufacturing cleaner and supporting industrial filtration at high temperatures.

Gas Emissions

Reducing the impact of gas emissions on the environment.

Food & Beverage

More efficient filtration and processing of the food and beverages we all love.

Water Filtration

Enhancing water treatment systems and making wastemaster more environmentally friendly.

Oil & Gas

Recovering expensive catalysts and offering world-class microfiltration in harsh environments.

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