Working Together Towards A Sustainable Planet

Headquartered in Guildford, and working from the UK, Portugal, Mexico and Spain we are a global team of thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs all driven to improve quality of life through innovation. We are home to researchers, engineers and industry veterans ranging from the fields of tissue engineering and manufacturing to biotech and material sciences. By working with people from a range of disciplines, we are pursuing an ambitious vision for our two major technology platforms – coatings and ceramic filters.

Our ViraTeq™ technology is able to destroy viruses in seconds whereas competitors’ technologies take hours. Our Smart Filter technology represents a new generation of microfiltration possibilities. Together, these platforms are capable of improving the quality of our air and water, streamlining cancer research and taking one more step toward a sustainable planet.

“People are open to discuss any problem. At SSL you will find understanding people from different backgrounds.”

Iliana Fauzi
Research Scientist

Smart Team

Andreia Anjos, MSc

Environmental Impact

Caleb Storkey

Strategic Influencer

Carina Dos Santos

Business Dev. Associate

Fernando Calvi

Creative Designer

Gonçalo Santos

Portugal Product Manager

Jeremy Klein, PhD

Risk Manager

Joana Santos, MSc

Human Resources

Roger Wise, PhD

Development & Manufacturing

Rodrigo Solorzano, MA

Product Design

Catia Santos, MSc

Product Development

Sotiria Tsochataridou, PhD

Research & Product Manager

Virginio Macedo

Factory Construction

“I’m confident I’ve become a better designer because of all I’ve learnt from everyone in the company.”

Rodrigo Solorzano
Product Design Manager

Smart Advisors​

Smart Separations is supported by our Scientific Advisory Board. A group of industry leaders and distinguished academics who provide insight and recommendations to help direct the work we do.

With a breadth of experience in the worlds of biotechnology, materials science, microfiltration, healthcare and physical chemistry, their expertise guides us on the focus of our research, routes to market and the development of a world-leading microfiltration company.

Adam Land​

Operations Director
Technoset Ltd

Prof. Alan Barrell, PhD

Cambridge Judge Business School

Ashley Toye, PhD

NHS-Blood & Transplant,
University of Bristol

Prof. Bahman Horri, PhD

University of Surrey

David Apple​

Customer Success, Notion​

Professor Bob Slade, PhD

University of Surrey

David Tuch, PhD

CEO, Lightpoint Medical

Prof. Vassant Kumar, PhD

University of Cambridge

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