Smart Mask

Wearing masks is becoming the new normal across the world.

The Challenge

Face masks are essential for providing effective healthcare. Providing a barrier that reduces the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria to and from the wearer. Yet, until now they’ve been far from perfect. ‘Barrier’ is the key word here. Face masks collect particles on their surface, creating opportunities for breaches or cross-contamination. Currently, the only safe practice is to keep replacing face masks after each use.

This is where our ViraTeq™ comes in. We’ve developed a nanomaterial that uses synthetic antimicrobial molecules to destroy 99.999% of viruses and bacteria in one pass. When applied as a sticky-coating to masks, it gives them the ability to destroy viruses on contact.

The Benefits Of Our Smart Masks




Cost-effective solution that reduces waste.

Destroys Viruses

Inactivates virus, bacteria, mould on contact.

Self Contained

Destroys viruses without the need for UV or disinfectant.

Machine Washable

Can can be washed multiple times without losing effectiveness.

Strong Coating

Coating remains effective after washing in warm water.

“ViraTeq™ is unique because it is effective against viruses and durable. It is essential that this is applied to Respirators to ensure they are fully effective and safe.”

Roger Wise

Areas We Cater For

Medical Staff

Emergency Services​

Public Health Bodies

Delivery Drivers