Smart Separations Awarded The i3S Health Innovation Prize

Smart Separations was awarded the i3S Health Innovation Prize to support the development of its antimicrobial coating technology to be applied to surfaces and air filters. This renowned prize includes a monetary award of €20,000 from a Consortium of four renowned institutions in Portugal: the research institute i3S, Vallis Capital Partners, Porto City Hall and Tecnimede Group as well as further free support on Intellectual property strategy, by Patentree, and three enrolments in the “Future Leaders” course from the Porto Business School. The prize further includes another €20,000 worth of in-kind support from i3S for help in developing its antimicrobial technology.

This prize aimed to support researchers and innovators in better understanding and addressing the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic outbreak.

Smart Separations has an antimicrobial nanocoating that can destroy not only beta coronaviruses, a group of viruses that include SARS-CoV-2, but also other viruses, bacteria and fungi in seconds. It can be deployed on multiple surfaces, from wood, metal, textiles and ceramic air filters and can be easily applied to high touch surfaces. This coating technology will be particularly useful in places with a high density of people where the risk of transmission through surface contact and air is high, such as: schools, hospitals, care homes, public transports, offices and factories.

Hugo Macedo, CEO of Smart Separations explains that: “the prize will support the development of antiviral surfaces which will significantly reduce the transmission of pathogens, such as coronavirus. Smart Separations will use this prize to perform safety and efficacy studies and establish partnerships that will accelerate the arrival of the technology to market.” Hugo Macedo also stressed that “It is an honour to receive this prize and see the recognition of the work that Smart Separations´ team has been doing, especially in such challenging times as the one we live in today. “

The prize includes:

  • i3S Health Innovation Prize (€20K from i3S, Vallis Capital Partners, Oporto City Hall, TECNIMEDE)
  • Patentree award (IP strategy support)
  • Three enrolments in the Porto Business School “Future Leaders” course

Link to the prize webpage:

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