Virginio Macedo

Factory Construction

Virginio Macedo was born in Arco de Baúlhe. Sun of farming parents (hence his passion for farming), the oldest son from a family of eight children. At the age of thirteen he completed the sixth grade and the following year he officially started working in the civil construction field, only interrupting his work to fulfill his mandatory military service.

1982 was a remarkable year of his life. He married, and Hugo, his first child, was born in the same year. In 1985 João Paulo was born. In 1989 he moved to Algarve. His children’s doctors said it was a better climate for them, because they had a lot of breathing problems, mainly allergic ones.

In the Algarve in 1982, his house was completed with the birth of his dear daughter Sara Margarida. Today everyone left the Algarve leaving them alone with the allergies. In 2001 Virginio founded V.O.A Construções, Lda

In 2014 he completed the 9th grade within the “Novas Oportunidades” programme, which allowed him to make a CAP which gave him the skills to sign his own company’s licence and thus stop paying the civil engineer. In the years 1998 and 1999, he built his house with a great help from Hugo who helped him in the first rows of bricks, always a great joy on his face.

Get to know Virginio

Name a favourite scientist, inventor or researcher and tell us why you like them?

For all reasons and one more, it is Hugo Macedo. He is the smartest person I know, and (more important than that) I’m absolutely sure that he uses that intelligence only and exclusively for good.

What do you think is the most interesting area of research for the future? (Yes, it’s broad).

Until recently, I thought that the research about the blood was the future. Now I understand why filters have become a priority.

Tell us one of your favourite quotes?

“Grandes esperanças são a chave para tudo” (“High hopes are the key to everything”).

What gadget or piece of technology are you most excited by?

Yesterday, today or tomorrow, the one Hugo is working on, and I don’t say that just because I’m a Smart Separations collaborator.

If you could put SSL’s filter in anything, where would you put it?

On a small scale, on a kind of “radio” that everyone of us should have at home, strategically placed to purify the air of our homes, offices, hospitals, etc. In the not too distant future, the chimneys of factories, rivers and their tributaries.

Which book have you given away the most. Why?

I’m not a huge reader, but “O Amor de Perdição” translated as “Love of Perdition” is a book that I enjoyed reading. It is an incredible love story. The ending is dramatic and passionate.

I love everything about Smart Separations. From its employees, starting with the CEO, to what they will produce in Arco de Baúlhe when the Factory is completed. Certainly they are working on some of the most important products for human race.

Virginio Macedo

Fun Filtration Facts

Juice with or without pulp/bits? (i.e. filtered or unfiltered)

Filtered juice (for me from the moment that SSL started thinking about filters, everything should be filtered).

Do you filter your coffee? If so how do you take it? (moka pot, espresso machine, french press etc.)


Where/what was the best water you ever tasted? (i.e. tap water in Lisbon or Volvic water etc.)

The water of Senhora dos Remédios in Arco de Baúlhe, the best water in the world and surroundings without a doubt.

What’s the freshest air you’ve ever experienced? (i.e. on a mountain in the Pyrenees).

Maybee in Serra da Estrela.

If you could put SSL’s filter in anything, where would you put itIf you had to get rid of one tiny particle, which would it be? (i.e. cat hair, pollen)


If your air purifier had to emit an odour instead of absorbing them, which smell would you choose?

Eucalyptus. But it could be strawberry, lavender or apple.