Targeting inefficiencies in healthcare
research and treatment.

Microfiltration is essential to healthcare. Whether it’s separating blood, stemcells or other life saving materials. By optimising filtration and reducing waste, Smart Separations is working to improve health outcomes in hospitals and research labs.

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Reducing Wastages In Blood Processing

In the UK alone, thousands of litres of donated blood go to waste each year. This is caused by problems with storage, expiration and processing. By improving microfiltration, we can help lower this number and make the most of donated blood.

Making Stem Cell Extraction More Effective

Extracting stem cells is difficult work and current methods are not always as efficient as they could be. Smart Separations has its beginning in stem cell separation and we’re working to improve how we separate stem cells to reduce loss.

Keeping Microfilters Out Of Landfill

Current methods for the microfiltration of blood and stem cells often rely on stacking cloth-based membranes. Our ceramic membrane allows for microfiltration without the need to regularly replace membranes and significantly reducing wastage.

“Working with Smart Separations consultancy has enabled us to grow exponentially.”

John Doe
Production Manager Science Laboratories

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