Design Your Own Membrane

The best membrane for your needs. Make it yours, customising size, shape, coatings, and more. All the benefits of Smart Separations’ microfiltration fine-tuned to your system, process, or device.

Customisable From Its Core

Create your own membrane customizing the following paramenters:


You can fit our membranes in your filtration devices by specifying your desired dimensions.


You can select between circular and square membranes to ensure they meet your requirements.

Pore Size

You can customise the membrane’s pore size – between 1µm and 100µm – creating the most suitable membrane for your filtration application. 


You can add a range of available nanocoatings for advanced functionality (e.g antimicrobial activity, pollutant degradation, etc.).

Tell Us What You Need

Share your needs with us and customise your own membrane: