Supporting industry to go green
and boost efficiency.

Manufacturing and other industrial processes leave a big impact on the environment. With more effective and eco friendly microfiltration, we’re helping businesses to change this.

Our Products

Cleaner Air On The Production Floor

Many processes such as lithium extraction and tech processing can create air that is heavily polluted. With our low-energy, low-waste air purification we can help to reduce its impact on workers.

Improved Catalyst Extraction

Catalysts don’t come cheap but with our technology you can extract them at high-temperatures and in harsh environments. Letting you get the most out of your resources.

Making Wastewater Better For The Environment

Wastewater can be filled with microfibres, microplastic and other potentially harmful materials. With ceramic microfiltration, you can reduce the release of these materials and improve your eco credentials.

“Working with Smart Separations consultancy has enabled us to grow exponentially.”

John Doe
Production Manager Science Laboratories

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