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Meeting the challenges of air
pollution with a new generation
of microfiltration technology.

With the growth of indoor air pollution and greater awareness of the environment we live in, it’s more important than ever to manage the particles in the air we breathe.

Our Products

Low-Energy, Low-Waste Air Purification

Our ceramic membranes provide a truly eco-friendly way to filter air. The ceramic materials reduce the need to replace filters and our coating technology allows for powerful purification without the energy needed for UV or the emissions associated with ozone.

Getting To Work in Harsh Environments

Ceramics are naturally resistant to wear and our membranes can be used in environments that traditional cellulose or cardboard filters cannot. Whether it’s high-temperatures, highly polluted areas or submerged in water, our membranes have got what it takes.

Custom Compatibility

One of the key features of our ceramic membrane is its potential for customisation. The filter can be produced at scale to specific size and shape, ready to fit perfectly to nearly any microfiltration process, system or device.

“Working with Smart Separations consultancy has enabled us to grow exponentially.”

John Doe
Production Manager Science Laboratories

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