How Microfiltration Works

Smart Separations focuses on innovations that improve quality of life. We look to bridge the gap between scientific research and the wider world of business. Together, we have created a culture that keeps this ethos in focus and allows us to be on a continual journey of discovery. But we are not alone. We are part of a wider community of innovators looking to bring about change.

We are creating a unique microfiltration technology that serves people and has the capacity to change lives in a meaningful way. Our focus is on bold medical, environmental and high quality-of-life solutions.

We don’t just design and manufacture microfiltration devices. We’re developing a community of researchers, inventors and industry experts from around the world, focused on championing cutting-edge science to make significant improvements to people’s quality of life. Our mission is to get our developing technology in the hands of everyone it can help. Whether it’s filtering drinking water, streamlining medical filtration or removing pollutants from the air. From entire filtration networks to individual gadgets and devices, Smart Separations is on a mission. Our ambition is to create technology that meaningfully impacts people’s lives. Join the movement today.

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