Our Smart Filtration Technology has applications in a wide range of sectors and industries.

Our research and innovations are at the heart of what we do and every step we take has the potential to benefit the different sectors we work with.

Potential Industries


Optimising separations in the lab and reducing waste in cell cultures.


Creating a more efficient way to filter blood and stem cells.

Air Purification

Sanitizing the air in our homes, workplaces and environment.


Making manufacturing cleaner and supporting industrial filtration at high temperatures.

Gas Emissions

Reducing the impact of gas emissions on the environment.

Food & Beverage

More efficient filtration and processing of the food and beverages we all love.

Water Filtration

Enhancing water treatment systems and making wastemaster more environmentally friendly.

Oil & Gas

Recovering expensive catalysts and offering world-class microfiltration in harsh environments.

“At Smart Separations, we love to solve problems. Working in collaboration with partners, we love to get to the heart of the matter, and create lasting solutions.”

Enrique Ruiz-Trejo, PhD