Our current main focus is to look into our manufacturing plan, towards the development of a process that can replicate our lab-based research. A number of potential leads in different markets, including potential relationships in areas as diverse as wastewater treatment, cell separations, oil & gas industry, etc (on top of our main priority, the Indoor Air purification market) are on-going. This leads to the necessity of developing our own manufacturing capability, building on our expertise honed over the past 4 and a half years of development. We are working in collaboration with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), part of the UK’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult, by taping into their expertise in working with varied companies such as Boeing and Rolls Royce. Thus far, the MTC has looked into our product manufacturability and has offered valuable advice that we are bringing on board to continue product development.

We have also opened a new position in the Company to oversee this effort, through our Manufacturing Manager. We have recently welcomed Dr Roger Wise into the team, who is lending his very rich experience in taking a lab-based technology and making it ready for manufacturing. Roger is overseeing a core team of 5 SSL members, plugging the gap between our R&D team and our Business Development team.

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