Technology Development

Over the past 12 months we have changed our membranes from weak and thin wafers to much stronger membranes. This was a big stepping stone, but it also required going back to the scratch board in terms of development.

We have had a PhD student and two ERASMUS+ students working on this, with really good results. Joana Azevedo, our expert Product Engineer, has managed to study and optimise the composition of our membranes to produce even better flow rates, “simply” by tweaking two parameters on our process – this has led to really exciting results that will now feed into the next stage of product development. Joao Vasques, an ERASMUS+ student who was with us for 6 months, has managed to identify a new method to produce our membranes without some of the hurdles we were facing before. And, finally, Catia Santos, another ERASMUS+ student working with us for 6 months, has managed to prove that our technology can indeed separate cells (using pancreatic cancer cells) and helped develop a novel concept for a new platform to be applied in research and diagnostic of cancer and other stem cell therapy products. I am really excited about this project since it can open up the door to a new product range. We have recently welcomed Catia Santos back to the team, to continue working in the area of Cell Separations, and continuing the development of this platform concept.

Over the next few months, we will continue working in improving our technology, towards Manufacturing. We welcome you to browse through the sections dedicated to Manufacturing and Business Development, to complement your understanding of where we stand today.

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