The Membrane of the Future Showcased at METALEX 2018, Bangkok, Thailand, 21-24 November

Smart Separations is showcasing our membrane of the future at METALEX 2018, in Bangkok, Thailand. We are looking to explore the latest trends in manufacturing, industry 4.0 and cyber-physical technology to help to deliver the next generation of microfiltration.

Finding New Partnerships

With our revolutionary ceramic filter, we are widening the scope in our search for potential partners. With 3,300 products from across 50 countries participating, the METALEX conference provides us with an ideal opportunity to test out the latest technological innovation to refine our own development process.

Sharing the Future of Membranes

The filtration and separations markets are waiting for a technology that will lower costs, reduce environmental footprints and improve the quality of filtration. We believe that our microfiltration platform has the potential to speed up this progress and we want to reach out to other companies and set this change in motion.

METALEX is the perfect environment to find other engineering and industrial filtration companies looking for flexible solutions to improve quality of life through innovation. Founder and CEO of Smart Separations, Hugo Macedo, has said that ‘being showcased in Thailand at METALEX represents a great momentum for our technology’.

The Next Generation of Microfiltration

Microfiltration is the separation of particles with diameters ranging between 0.1 and 100 μm, from yeast fungi to individuals strands of hair. It’s difficult for technology to get right, but Smart Separations has developed a ceramic membrane that will change the way companies handle filtration.

Our filters provide a versatile and low-cost solution for several industries, including air filtration, cancer research, blood processing and wine clarification. Increasing the efficiency of microfiltration and reducing bad odours, pollutants and bacteria with an optional nanomaterial coating.

At Smart Separations, we have chosen indoor air purification as an entry point to market and have already secured a commercialisation agreement with a world leader in air purification.

Visit us at the booth number H105 or get in touch to schedule a meeting.

We are in Metalex under the European Pavilion after being selected among top EU companies to represent the most advanced and ready for business breakthrough innovations. Most of our achievements have been made possible with the great support of the European Commission.

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